Welcome to you that you have entered my Dream and My Vision of Simple Beauty, between Poems and Dresses.

I was born in Sanremo on 10-10-1974.

I still live in Liguria, that is, in Paradise.

I was surrounded by Love, reflections on Life, Emotions, Emotional Education, Respect for the Future and Life, Being and the Human Being and Fashion, as a means of creating Beauty that can help express who we are As well as to enhance ourselves.

 I received the Gift of becoming Mummy of Two Beautiful "Fables".

 In the Autumn 2014 I published my first novel "Never too much light", available in paper form and eBook. I'm working on the second, conveying in the while a poetic flow that is now a necessity of daily expression and sharing.

In January 2016 I published my first collection of 102 Poems.

Since 2016, I am engaging, with friends singers / musicians, some of my lyrics that will soon be listening to an album / cd.

 Today, the pursuit of my nature, of my attitudes, of what I love, of the beautiful, of the harmony, of the light of truth, of the expression of the emotions through the power of words, have led me to realize another dream / Vision by creating a line of clothing named POESIADDOSSO, distributed here, in the homonym Ecommerce, as well as at various physical stores.

 Here, my Vision sees my Aphorisms and My Poems applied directly on clothing and accessories, Printed words Addosso as Stars of Beauty Messengers.

 The Words Are Of Those Who Love Me.

 I love them

The wears

The Emotions garment

Feeling them in the Soul

Holding them close to the Heart


Vittoria Guglielmi